50 Things You Need to Know About Satan and Demons by Mark H. Muska

By Mark H. Muska

Bible Professor Mark Muska offers brief, transparent solutions to the most-asked questions about devil and demons, revealing precisely what God's notice does and does not say.

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He arrogantly challenges what God says. And he does it all through deception and trickery. What can we do to protect ourselves from this evil enemy? There is only one hope. We must turn to the Creator of the universe, the one who rules everything. God can and will keep us safe from Satan’s evil plots. Without His protection, we are all helpless against Satan’s attacks. Once we see Satan for who he is and how he operates, it changes our whole outlook on life. We gain insight into the evil in this world.

Many church traditions urge their people to involve church leaders, such as pastors or elders, in any attempt to engage demons. 9 Is demon possession the same thing as mental illness? The Bible records several scenes where people are sick or act in ways that are disturbing. In many of the biblical accounts, the authors attribute human sickness to demonic causes. For example, the gospel writer Mark records Jesus confronting a man with an unclean spirit: This man lived in the tombs, and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain.

Is a séance demonic? Should we try to contact the dead? 131 50. After all this, what do I need to know about Satan and demons? 133 Notes 135 About the Author 141 Back Ad 143 Back Cover 145 Introduction Of all the subjects related to Christianity, there isn’t one quite like Satan and the demons. Almost everyone has heard about them. Most people believe in evil spirits. We think that we know quite a bit about them, too. The subject is scary, but intriguing. We are drawn to these evil powers by some strange magnetism.

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