A Guide To Bird Behaviour Volume I (Stokes Nature Guides, by Donald W. Stokes

By Donald W. Stokes


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Tadpoles of most frog species break out of the egg capsule by secreting chemicals from their snout and neck that dissolve through the gelatin. Although most of the species found in Texas use the normal route of amphibian reproduction via the laying of aquatic eggs, some species use other means of reproduction. Members of the families Eleutherodactylidae (Syrrhophus), Craugastoridae (Craugastor), and Plethodontidae (Plethodon) that occur in Texas lay terrestrial eggs that undergo direct development and hatch as a small version of the adult.

While there are lists of names published by other sources in North America, the SSAR list is generally considered the most widely accepted one, and so it should be the starting point for anyone wishing to keep track of changes in taxonomy. For this field guide, the published SSAR list was used as a primary reference, but we deviated from the list in several areas. First, when a new genus names replaced a long-standing, well-known “traditional” name, we included the older names in brackets following the new genus name (for example, Lithobates [Rana] catesbeianus, or American Bullfrog).

It is prevalent in mountainous regions because the fungus is most virulent between 13° and 23°C (59° and 73°F), and the virulence significantly drops off at temperatures above 27°C (81°F). Luckily for Texas amphibians, temperatures throughout the state regularly exceed the optimal temperature range for Bd growth for long periods each summer. That said, Bd has been found in several species of native Texas amphibians; however, no declines in Texas have been attributed to it. Even though Bd has not become a problem in Texas, people working with amphibians should take precautions when searching in aquatic habitats.

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