A Manager's Guide to Telecommunications by Martin Gandoff (Auth.)

By Martin Gandoff (Auth.)

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For example, in asynchronous mode incompatability at each end can be caused by the minutest difference between timing signals generated and interpreted. Some modems have facilities for fine-tuning (the Hayes options mentioned are really a form of coarse-tuning). 18 Miracle Technology WS2000 modem 46 may claim that their communications software is compatible with a particular microcomputer or host system. However, many machines have their logic on a PROM card and as requirements change or manufacturing processes develop, the card may be changed.

However, there is a problem with parallel transmission that does not arise with serial. Due to external disturbances and small imperfections in the electronics, as the transmission distance increases, there is a greater chance of the individual bits of a parallel burst of signals not reaching their destination at the same time. If severe, this 'creep' could lead to the message becoming unreadable. Most long-distance transmission is therefore serial in nature, parallel transmission usually being restricted to very short distances such as between peripherals and a local computer.

7 38 Part of the character 'Γ in ASCII 0 like this: 0110001 We build our input devices that generate this pattern of electrical pulses perhaps as different voltage or current levels to distinguish between 0 and 1. 7. e. an electrical waveform that mirrors the variation in time of the sound. 8). This attachment is carried out electronically by a process called modulation. The idea is for a 0 or 1 from the data signal to affect the carrier differently and there are several ways to do this. The first is called amplitude modulation (AM), where having synchronised the zeros and ones with cycles of the carrier, a 0 has no effect on the carrier, while a 1 might halve or double the amplitude of the carrier for the cycle in which it coincides.

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