A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises by Jack Kornfield

By Jack Kornfield

Loved Western Buddhist grasp Kornfield makes identified his own, sensible knowledge, garnered from 25 years of practising and instructing the trail of awakening, as he publications self-searchers to a simplicity of notion that brings alive religious perform, peace, and fact of their day-by-day lives.

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The realization of all entities as they truly are can only be found in the wisdom that experiences nothing as coming forth or arising [as a real entity]. The vision present in that wisdom can only be found in the determinations that are gained through applying discerning analysis during skillful meditative practice. ” With the understanding gained by such reflection, he [or she] becomes increasingly more diligent about seeking the Holy Dharma. Day and night he [or she] is intent upon hearing the Dharma.

And the cause of these two is 32 ▶ The Inner Science of Buddhist Practice the absence of error, since all the mental afflictions are rooted in error and the benefit of the world depends upon the reversal of the mental afflictions. Therefore, the reversal of the cause of the mental afflictions stands as the cause that brings about the benefit of the world. 80 By clarifying a number of terms that appear in this passage, its larger implications can be more fully understood. To take them in the order that they occur: While the original Sanskrit for the expression “high station”81 has a range of meanings, its use here is intended to indicate rebirth as a human being or a samsaric god.

But when it comes to the basis for attaining the ultimate goal of all our lives—the Dharma we intend to practice—seldom is any kind of examination carried out. Like a dog with food, we are satisfied with whatever we happen to find. 19 The role of the spiritual teacher in perpetuating the instruction cannot be overemphasized. The lamas and teachers who disseminate the instruction today are part of an unbroken lineage that goes back literally to the time of the Buddha. For example, in the opening pages of his Great Treatise on the Stages Path to Enlightenment, Je Tsongkapa singles out two figures in particular: In a broad sense, this [Lamrim] instruction represents the instruction contained in the Ornament of Realizations,20 which was taught by the Supreme Lord Maitreya.

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