A Synopsis of Endocrinology and Metabolism by David G. Ferriman

By David G. Ferriman

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They have an indirect anti-insulin effect because of the promotion of glucose formation. 2. — a. They increase the reabsorption of sodium from the renal tubules and at the same time promote the secretion of potassium into the urine. b. They alter the distribution of these ions across cell membranes throughout the body. c. In excess they cause a rise in blood-pressure. 3. — a. They cause masculinization of the larynx and phallus. 6. They promote protein anabolism. c. They are responsible for the distribution of body and facial hair.

The goitre is firm though not stony hard. Other malignant features are absent. Gland outlines usually preserved and enlargement bilateral. Thyroid antibodies usually demonstrable. 2. Pressure symptoms can be produced by a non-toxic nodular goitre, though they will probably have been present for some time. Gland size may not seem to be much increased if enlargement is mainly posterior. 3. Haemorrhage into a non-toxic nodular goitre gives rise t o pressure symptoms but onset is usually sudden. 4.

One eye should be covered in the early phases to avoid subjective diplopia. b. Operation to correct malalinement of ocular axes can be considered when the condition is no longer active— perhaps 2 years after onset. MALIGNANT EXOPHTHALMOS ' Malignant exophthalmos ' is a term applied to the more severe degrees of proptosis, orbital oedema, and conjunetival ehemosis, in which a threat to vision or ocular integrity exists. — 1. Often but not invariably associated with hyperthyroidism. Condition has been reported in euthyroid and hypothyroid subjects, and after adequate partial thyroidectomy.

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