Abraham: One God, Three Wives, Five Religions by Frances Worthington

By Frances Worthington

The superb four-thousand-year-old tale of Abraham from a clean and exciting interfaith point of view that joins jointly the scripture and traditions of 5 religions! the writer combines scripture/sacred textual content from the 5 Abrahamic Faiths - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, the Babi religion and the Bahai religion - and combineshistorical information and archaeological proof and identifies content material that falls in the type of doubtless and doubtless.

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During the age of Taurus, the constellation of the Bull reigned, but in the years prior to Abraham, Aries—the Ram—was moving in to displace it. The fact that this change would have been noticed and discussed by king, priest, and commoner alike can be traced to the influence of three of Abraham’s prophetic ancestors: Adam, Seth, and Enoch. Although Enoch was born several generations after Adam and Seth, all three of them lived in preliterate societies (roughly 4000 BC) when people were only just beginning to experiment with incising a few symbols on slabs of wet clay.

He couldn’t possibly have been the ruler of Ur because he had already been dead for centuries by the time Abraham was born. What’s more, the name Nimrod is nowhere to be found in the ancient lists of kings who ruled in various Mesopotamian cities during the time of Abraham. ” Is scripture mistaken, or is there something lurking beneath the surface? ” The reference to hunting sounds innocuous, but it isn’t. It is an idomatic phrase filled with sinister undertones implying that Nimrod hunted men’s souls in an effort to turn them away from God.

Simplified genealogy of the Báb 8. Simplified genealogy of Bahá’u’lláh 9. All of the genealogies plus a rough timeline PROLOGUE Anyone foolhardy enough to contemplate adding another volume to the already towering stack of books about Abraham ought to have a rationale, so here is mine: Although the story of Abraham and the three wives / concubines who birthed five religions is a spiritual soap opera that’s been running for about four thousand years, very little has been written about it from the perspective of someone who is a member of the newest of the Abrahamic religions—the Bahá’í Faith.

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