Abraham's Ashes: The Absurdity of Monotheism by Peter Heinegg

By Peter Heinegg

In Abraham's Ashes, Peter Heinegg uncovers the reality in the back of the weird, contradictory, and oppressive delusion often called monotheism. He bargains a forceful critique of the biblical and Qur'anic perspectives of Abraham, displaying how on the middle of all prophetic religions lies an untenable fantasy of suprarational magical considering "revelation".

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The Qur’an vituperates the “people of Lot,” and in the hadiths Muhammad positively curses them. Given Abrahamic patriarchalism and God-drunk natalism, it figures: Many, if not most, gays show a limited interested in impregnating women. By the same token, the various sacred texts (though not St. Paul) mostly ignore lesbianism; since women had no control over their bodies and would be forced to breed, like it or not. Even as liberal Judaism and Christianity are now moving toward full acceptance of gays, however flatly that contradicts their oldest traditions, conservative believers are still fulminating against, and in some Sharia-ridden lands, stoning homosexuals (the Christian Taliban usually stop short of murder).

Do Jews believe the Messiah will come (perhaps any day now)? Do Catholics believe in transubstantiation? Do Muslims believe the angel Jibril dictated the Qur’an to Muhammad? Do Mormons believe that there really were golden plates inscribed in “Reformed Egyptian”? ” moment with Abraham”: once Isaac is spared, Abraham’s job, as far as Genesis goes, is more or less done. He does, though, have to find a non-Canaanite wife for Isaac, a mission successfully carried out by his eldest, but unnamed servant.

All other translations, unless otherwise indicated, are by the author. Introduction Crazy Abe When a man’s fancy gets astride on his reason, when imagination is at cuffs with the senses, and common understanding, as well as common sense, is kicked out of doors, the first proselyte he makes is himself; and when that is once compassed, the difficulty is not so great in bringing over others; a strong delusion always operating from without as vigorously as from within. For cant and vision are to the ear and the eye, the same that tickling is to the touch.

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